CBD E-liquid Additive 10ml (500mg)

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This CBD vape e-liquid additive 500mg in 10mm PG/VG 70/30 unflavoured and is perfect to add to any e-liquid of your choice.


CBD E-liquid Additive 10ml (500mg)

Bill and Ben’s Beneficial CCBD E-liquid Additive 10ml (500mg)comes unflavoured and is perfect for adding to any e-liquid. CBD vape e-liquid additive gives the user the flexibility to add the ideal amount of CBD to their chosen vape juice flavour.

This CBD vape additive e-liquid is excellent when it comes to vaping as a tool to deliver CBD via the bioavailability of the lung walls. When vaping CBD, the effects are felt quickly.

We use PG/VG 70/30 in our feelgood vape range as it burns cleanly. Therefore not blocking up our electric modified cigarette (MOD’s) and creating the right amount of vape cloud.

When vaping CBD, we are not looking to create clouds of vapour, rather just enough to satisfy the user. We assimilate CBD quickly via the lungs into our bodies. By holding in the vapour for as long as possible, the effects are felt rapidly.

This CBD vape additive e-liquid E-juice works well when vaped using the Renova Zero MOD and POD system. The Zero POS system is available in 8 colours – ‘see them here!’

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Update on the EU Regulation of CBD in Foods and Vaping

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