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CBD 5% Oil Drops Chocolate and Hazelnut

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CBD 5% Chocolate and Hazelnut MCT CBD 5% Oil Drops come in a 10ml dropper bottle. Drip it under the tongue or add it to coffee for a sublime tasting brew.


CBD 5% Oil Drops Chocolate and Hazelnut

Chocolate and Hazelnut 10ml per bottle.

5% strength, that’s 500mg or half a gram of CBD oil per bottle. 

At Bill and Ben’s, we appreciate the hemp oil taste is not for everyone! That’s why we have delivered a new product!  Chocolate and hazelnut CBD 5% MCT Oil drops (Medium-Chain Tryiclydes basically refined coconut oil), using natural flavourings only. It contains 500mg of CBD, that’s half a gram of CBD infused with 10ml of MCT creating a light & crisp taste that has floral & citrus overtones.

The oil can be used to create a really delicious coffee, by adding just 4-6 drops this helps our users on their way to their daily dose of CBD.

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A study published in The Journal of Internal Medicine found that coffee and cannabis activate some of the same pathways in the brain. “The neurotransmitters related to the endocannabinoid system — the same ones affected by cannabis —decreased after drinking four to eight cups of coffee in a day. That’s the opposite of what occurs after someone uses cannabis.

Our customers often take an internal & external approach by using our antibacterial CBD balm for muscle recovery and minor aches and pains.

What is MCT

Chain length determines what category each fatty acid fits into short-chain, medium-chain, or long-chain. The length of these “chains” refer to the number of carbon atoms bound together to create fatty acids.

  • Short-chain fatty acids (or triglycerides): composed of 0 – 5 carbon atoms
  • Medium-chain fatty acids (or triglycerides): composed of 6 – 12 carbon atoms
  • Long-chain fatty acids (or triglycerides): composed of 13 – 21 carbon atoms

Short-chain fatty acids function as friendly gut bacteria that ferment fiber in your colon. They provide the main source of energy for cells lining your colon.1 Long-chain fatty acids are obtained through food sources and can be found in most fats and oils, such as extra virgin olive oil, soybean oil, fish, nuts, avocados, and other meats.

MCTs can be found in certain food sources such as coconut oil and palm oil. But what separates MCTs from other types of fats is in how they’re processed by the body—they’re not absorbed in the same exact fashion as other fat sources.

LCTs are preferentially metabolized in the intestine, which results in their incorporation into chylomicrons (fat transporting systems), which end up being used by cells or stored as fat.2 MCTs can be absorbed intact, and are transported to the liver intact, without any metabolic steps. Furthermore, MCTs can directly enter the mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouse, and help it produce energy.

This is why MCTs, even though they are “fats” have such unique properties. MCTs are directly shuttled to the liver to rapidly be used for energy both in the form of fat and ketones.3 But why is that process beneficial?

Different Types of MCTs

Not all MCTs are created equal. There are four primary types of MCTs, distinguished by the number of carbons they contain:

  • Caproic acid (C6)
  • Caprylic acid (C8)
  • Capric acid (C10)
  • Lauric acid (C12)

All four types of fatty acids are categorized as MCTs, but only C6, C8, and C10 can go straight to the liver to be broken down for ketone production. C12, on the other hand, is digested through the stomach, broken down in the stomach, and absorbed in your blood for energy. Let’s take a look at the makeup of each MCT that can be found in MCT oil and coconut oil.


Not intended to prevent, treat or cure any illness or disease

Lab Report – C-AR0406-5-1 5% Chocolate Hazelnut MCT


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